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Dreadnought Capital is a financial services company with interests in the Republic of South Africa and continental Africa.

Dreadnought Capital has been instrumental in implementing much needed derivative exchanges in Africa, and has been actively involved in the following activities:

  • Meeting regulatory bodies and facilitating the creation of a favorable regulatory environment;
  • Drafting and consultation on exchange rules and regulations;
  • Trading and clearing system implementation and testing;
  • Exchange traded product development and trading;
  • Development of tradeable indices;
  • Risk management consultancy.

The Dreadnought Capital group specializes in creating sustainable, inclusive financial market ecosystems through the introduction of financial instrument innovation and sophistication through additional structured deal management and advisory services.

Intrepid Capital, a wholely owned subsidiary of Dreadnought Capital, is a registered SAFEX member and derivatives broker and provides an industry leading Direct Market Access platform – which specializes in robust access and portfolio management for online clients focussing on derivatives and geared trading of exchange traded products.

In the Press

Dreadnought Capital featured in the May edition of Risk Magazine's article "Lion's Share".

"When the Bond & Derivatives Exchange (Badex) in Zambia concluded its first live trade at 2.49pm on April 15, a US dollar/Zambian kwacha futures contract, the man behind establishing the financial infrastructure necessary for it to happen hailed an “historic milestone in the Zambian financial markets” but also acknowledged it had been...

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